Rain, Rain, Go Away

Hey Seattle, you want your weather back? – I don’t want the 100 degrees that you’ve been having (sorry but we had that a couple of years ago, and that wasn’t fun), but I’ll take a sunny dry 90 over monsoons (even if it is not hot).

Helen Hong, comedian and television producer, brings to us speed matchmaking at a comedy show – a way for East Asians (and soon others) to enjoy a laugh and not be so shy. Speed-dating, speed networking, and now this?

John (H.) Doe is a Korean-American who lives in the Upper West Side. I’m amazed that people get all crazed that he goes by John Doe. (and I wonder to the fates of people named Roe; do they get the whole Roe v. Wade barb?).

A pad thai recipe in the Times.

Apparently, there’s a reason why we swing our arms when we walk.

Fear of 2012 – what it might mean, according to the Mayans (or Fox Mulder of X-Files).

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