June’s End

This year is going too fast for me. Gasp.

As of June 29, 2009:

Awww, is it really the end of this year’s Supreme Court Breakfast Table? Lithwick et al. did a fabulous job analyzing the New Haven firefighters case (which employers are going to have to grapple with from here on in; how much of an impact is there on disparate impact in employment discrimination cases remains very much to be seen).

Emily Bazelon’s analysis was a sharp follow up to her and co-writer Nicole Allan’s look at New Haven’s fire department. I think Walter Dellinger was on the moneyand Linda Greenhouse – about whether the US S.Ct’s decision would have much of an impact on Judge Sotomayor’s confirmation process.

Anyway, so I’m still trying to digest the New Haven firefighter case, and that whole Bernie Madoff sentencing stuff.

An interesting look at the history of the stereotypical Asian Babe – and how demeaning it really is.

6/29/09 – Caught a little bit of roving Shakespeare in (Battery) Park – King Lear (more this summer!). It kind of reminded me of how they used to do Shakespeare at Alma Mater, with the troupe running around campus as they enacted each scene.

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