More Observations

This was an interesting read, in light of the (still!) upcoming US Supreme Court decision on the New Haven firefighter case – a Slate examination of the firefighters of New Haven – a rich look at the complex issues.

The passing of Farrah Fawcett. Time’s James Poniewozik has a nice post about her impact on tv and culture; so does NJ Star-Ledger’s Alan Sepinwall. Entertainment Weekly’s Ken Tucker also has an interesting observation. NY Times’ Alessandra Stanley has a moving analysis.

The sudden passing of Michael Jackson. One may never be quite sure about the man, but the talent – the talent was something amazing. Time’s Poniewozik with the observation of Michael Jackson who made MTV what it was; he also embedded to a fascinating cover of Billie Jean. Tucker also has a slightly more broad view (perhaps being an older critic helps), in noting Jackson had an updated Gene Kelly technique — well, Tucker embedded a YouTube of Jackson himself doing Billie Jean – (YouTube’s capabilities on remembering people are quite useful).

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