That’s the key word…

I dropped by on my Saturday day off and found so much change on this site! I think it’s good… but nowadays I don’t know what change is good or bad. Change is… just change.

B- is out today in her cooking class and she’s come up with some great recipes and stuff. She also has been doing flower arrangements as well and I liked the Yellow Chrysantheneums next to the TV in the living room. Very nice stuff.

Meanwhile, next week, I’m back on the CX shuttle again to KL Malaysia for an IT conference. After about a couple of months of no travel, I’ve been to Malaysia during Merdeka week and Kunming China for company department team building the previous two weeks. The Kunming trip was important because I got 3 new managers on board plus some helpdesk people. Getting the right people have been quite difficult this past year but i can say that at least for the Business IT group of the team, we’re complete. Still need some more work on the Technical IT group side of things…

More change coming at the work front – reorgs coming down the pike and 2009 will be quite the interesting place to be. I’ve shattered my record for staying in a company – 2.5 years this past week. I might just make it into my 3rd year, early 2009. That would be quite a milestone in many ways.

Looking forward to next month and seeing you all 🙂

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  1. I think the changes to triscribe are pretty cool – certainly a lot easy to find old posts. Otherwise, I agree – change is… change.

    See you next month!

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