What Was 8/08/08?

So, is this a lucky day or what? People getting married and, oh yeah, the Olympics. Tying your wedding to your Olympics – well, I wouldn’t go that far, personally!

I was kind of blown away by the Beijing 2008 Olympic Opening Ceremony. Time.com’s main article; NY Times’ blog on the ceremony; and pictures! It was quite amazing – talk about people power! Lots of people – 2008 drummers? Telling them to smile? A spectacle on Chinese history? A gymnastic sort of display of lighting the torch? (yeah, have an ex-gymnast portray a man flying in air!). Fireworks? Yep, tons of it! Intimidating and awe inspiring all at once. Heck, it was even cooler to see on big screen HDTV.

Poignant to see the Sichuan earthquake survivor kid walking with Yao Ming, leading Team China and holding the China flag.

A profile on the Team USA’s flag holder, runner Lopez Lomong.

A profile on Zhang Yimou, the filmmaker who was the brains behind the Opening Ceremony.

I wouldn’t be surprised by high ratings for the Opening Ceremony.

On Saturday, I’m watching some of the Men’s Gymnastics. Asian American Olympians to note for now: Raj Bhavsar of Texas – an alternate elevated to competing member due to Paul Hamm’s withdrawal; and Kevin Tan, captain of the US Men’s Gymnastics team – and a Chinese-American (whose parents came to America from China via Taiwan).