July Already? Or What Happened to June?

The tips on how to see movies in a cheaper way. Umm, if the theaters are showing less matinees at matinee rates, then I’m not sure what would be the best of solutions…

Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick on the significance of the US Supreme Court in this year’s presidential election – whether people get it or not.

Oh, my Lithwick and Slate host the annual Supreme Court overview.

Tom Brokaw as the interim moderator on “Meet the Press” – well, I watched most of his interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger and the discussion with Chuck Todd. Tom’s the fair choice – he won’t ruffle feathers too much, he’ll do the job, and all that. NY Times’ Alessandra Stanley has her write up on Tom’s “Meet the Press” appearance, and she concludes:

It’s hard to know whether NBC has bigger plans for Mr. Todd, who, like Mr. Russert in his early days as Washington bureau chief, is a political savant first, on-air personality second. But no single journalist in NBC’s large pool of talent seems ideally suited to replace Mr. Russert. If that is impossible, then it makes sense to recast the job and return to the early days when guests really did meet the press, answering to a panel of inquisitors who together did what Mr. Russert did alone.

I like Chuck Todd too, and would love to see PBS’ Gwen Ifill back on network tv (“Washington Week“‘s almost like “Meet the Press,” only without the grilling of politicians). but I kind of see Stanley’s point – maybe it is time for a return to a more truer “Meet the Press” by actually having the press back on the show again.

Other Sunday stuff — watched most of Channel 13/WNET’s airing of “SundayArts” – with the opera in French: “La Fille Du Regiment.” I’m hardly into opera, but the good stuff can be good for you. Singer Natalie Dessay was funny and has such a voice as Marie, the daughter of the regiment; and Juan Diego Florez has a fantastic voice and he’s somehow both hot and cute. 😉 (I thought he was great as Count Almaviva in the previous airing of “The Barber of Seville“).

Waterfalls in the city — I’m going to have to see them – do they meet the hype, or is it over-hyped? Hmm…

Stuff to note just before the July 4th holiday… Slate’s Jacob Weisberg on the cool stuff out there in books and the web on early American history.

This will have to do until the next posting…