All this has happened before and will happen again

Warning:BSG spoilers….

The Friday Battlestar Galactica half-season cliffhanger was fantastic, but the promise of the final five being revealed did not exactly happen, at lease not as it was being teased at the beginning of each episode. And they find Earth!!! But they have 10 more episodes in season 4.5, so there are plenty of loose ends to tie up. And how the hell did Brooklyn got nuked!!! The remains of the temple of Aurora seems to be sitting right where the Fulton Ferry is now.

You know when things are old when the oldies station plays the greatest of the 80’s, 90’s and today. By that token, The TWIT Daily Giz Wiz podcast, which specializes in showing old gadgets, whips out the Palm Pilot (which is circa 1997 tech!). I fondly remember that. InsideDGW has a recap.