Going to be a scorcher of a weekend. Hmmm!

The latest issue of “Entertainment Weekly” profiles Dwayne [the ex-WWE wrestler formerly known as] “The Rock” Johnson, who’s slowly but surely working on his acting career, with his being on the upcoming new “Get Smart” movie. I’ve guffawed loudly at the trailers for “Get Smart” – hopefully it’ll be a good movie!

“Entertainment Weekly” news: TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello will be joining EW! (which is also noted in the paper EW, but I can’t seem to find a story on their own website). And, EW’s Alynda Wheat will step down from doing the “What to Watch,” the snarky section on commenting notable tv programming for a beat in LA for EW – say it ain’t so! She had been dead-on for quite a bunch of remarks over the years. Example: in her last one, in the 6/6 issue of last week or so, she headlined the return of Star Trek: The Next Generation on tv – now on Sci Fi channel – with the words “La Forge Ahead!” (okay, so only I’d think that’s funny, me and LeVar “Geordi LaForge of TNG” Burton, maybe), plus, she noted on return of “The Mole” with: “Where’s our Anderson Cooper?!” (so true; I stopped watching when ABC had Ahmad Rashad as the host; only Anderson had the right sarcasm and gravitas for The Mole).

Sometimes I can be a bit frustrated by EW. It’s fun, but not nearly as in-depth as I’d like (or what it once was at one point). Oh EW. Why can’t you be more like your corporate sibling, Time? Time.com has been quite amazing with the new blogging (or, at least I’m pretty into reading “Swampland,” Lisa Takeuchi Cullen’s “Work in Progress,” and James Poniewozik’s “Tuned In“), but EW.com has to catch up (their TV Watch section isn’t nearly as easy to manage as the TVGuide.com‘s tv show blogs section).

More to blog on later; so I’d think anyway. If the heat and humidity doesn’t rob me of a brain…