Memorial Day Saturday

Take a moment to think about the men and women who died serving this country.

Saturday: a mild cold has me with a sore throat and barely much of a voice; but went out to see “Iron Man” at the Prospect Park Pavilion. Fun movie! Robert Downey, Jr., uses his talent for good, not evil (much as his character Tony Stark, learns to become a superhero). Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts, Stark’s executive assistant; Jeff Bridges as Obidiah Stane; and Terrence Howard as Col. “Rhodey” Rhodes – they were all quite good.

And, yes, you must stay and watch what comes after the credits – a possible hint of what an Iron Man sequel may bring.

Amusingly, the movie came after the trailer for the Batman movie sequel, “The Dark Knight.” Hmm! Different franchises (DC vs. Marvel), but the pairing was fascinating!

For your consideration, see: on YouTube: ItJustSomeRandomGuy has his parody of the PC/Mac commercials, with Batman and Iron Man understanding and appreciating their commonalities and differences (playboy billionaire superheroes with kickass summer movies). I’m embedding Parts 1 and 2 – too funny! Highly recommended!