NY Times continues to gather more details of the China earthquake, and less so the Burmese cyclone (not for lack of trying). Just the concept of this one-two punch is hard enough to get anyone’s mind around, and we’re still recovering from our disasters. To see both the big picture and that every individual life is special is something that we need to to be reminded of daily. A lesson easier learned for some than others – that they should do something, anything.

(Numbers from Wikipedia as of today)

9/11: 2,974 killed – 24 missing

2004 earthquake/tsunami: 283,100 killed, 14,100 missing

Katrina: 1,836 killed, 705 missing

Burma cyclone: 80,000 dead, 56,000 missing

Sichuan earthquake: 60,560 dead,  352,290 injured, 26,221missing