Asian Pacific Heritage + Mother’s Day

Saturday: worked a table at the CAPA Festival, held at the UN instead of Union Square because of construction. Attendence not quite as good as it usually is at Union Square, but the site is a lot better for the people there. First – actual trees that provide shade. Second, the Japan Society is across the street, and they have Toto Washlets – WOW, I really miss those restrooms in Tokyo. The current Shibata Zeshin exhibit is a tour de force in lacquer works – the lost art of painting with lacquer is something spectacular.

Dinner in Flushing for P-‘s mom at the Full House Seafood Restaurant – a whole steamed fish and calamari were spectacular, the chicken and beef dishes kind of ok. The thing to get that we missed out on was the steamed seafood casseroles.

Sunday: Studio photos with my mom courtesy of Microsoft, followed by lunch-dinner at Teresa’s Polish Restaurant, and then a hairstyling makeover for my mom with my hairstylist.  All worked out real well.