Mid-week in May

Monday’s “How I Met Your Mother” — Barney seeks a rebound Bro, in the aftermath of his break up with the ex-Bro, Ted. Actor Will Forte (of “Saturday Night Live”) plays the pathetic rebound Bro. Ted claims he’s not mad at Barney; he’s outgrown him. (be that as it may, methinks Ted is still mad at Barney; if you really outgrew him, you would have made a gradual break even before the breakup). Robin tries to help Barney (hmm, why? even if he allegedly has a blackmail video, isn’t she really doing that out of the goodness of her own heart? Meanwhile, yes, Barney, you can’t ask Marshall to be your wingman, since he’s married to Lily).

It was not one of the more hilarious episodes of HIMYM, but it does move forward in the curious life of Ted. Are we any closer to finding out the Mother of FutureTed’s kids? Umm, I don’t think so. But, it is a bit illuminating in the life and character of Ted and that of the anti-Ted, Barney.

NY Times article on the vanishing local neighborhood supermarket. It is a concern when you can no longer walk to buy fresh food. What happened to the Key Foods? Bodegas aren’t quite the answer, and it’s a bit much to ask of the elderly and poor to take the bus to the Pathmark or Shop Rite a mile or two away. The re-zoning regs and real estate market aren’t encouraging the diversity of commerce here.

NY Times’ Mark “The Minimalist” Bittman with a crustless quiche recipe. His on-line video made it look like kind of a savory souffle. Mmm, melted cheese…

Wednesday: David Hinckley in the Daily News gave a positive review of the “American Masters” documentary on singer Marvin Gaye. I watched it and agreed – really moving stuff, and good music. The news that actor Jesse L. Martin is playing Marvin Gaye in a biopic – well, isn’t it exciting? (Martin was great on the movie version of “Rent”). After watching the documentary, I can see this could be quite the movie.

Platypus (platypi?) are not only weird physically, but genetically weird too – proof of evolution, regarding how the mammals got rid of various traits.

The headline says it – “NBC to Start News Channel in NY” – basically, trying to make an NBC version of NY1 and “The plan, which will de-emphasize the identity of the network flagship, WNBC, could spread to other stations.” — And thus a network is trying to fix news or fix its flagship station. Look, I know that Channel 4’s been having a tough time and all, but I’m wary of too much change. What’s going to happen to the WNBC 4 news people? Change for the sake of change isn’t good in and of itself. Plus, NY1 works because it started small and worked its way up; how something larger can cut itself down… that’s something else entirely…

The passing of Mildred Loving, of the landmark US S.Ct. case, Loving v. Virginia, ending laws laws against interracial marriage.

The passing of Robbins of Baskin-Robbins ice cream.