Hong Kong

2 days, 2 nights so far in Hong Kong and it’s been a nice relaxing time.  Visited a couple of new friends of Bridget’s and ate dimsum at famous Maxim’s City Hall.  Great view into Kowloon side. Then walked around IFC did some shopping – found that Ecco shoes much cheaper than Taipei.  Couple of walking shoes and off and running (hah hah).

We were given the OSIM Executive Suite, apparently a cool branding thing.  We got all the OSIM toys they have in the suite.  The saddle, the chiropractor, the full massage chair and the iSqueeze along with some others which we had no idea how to use.  The full massage chair just rocks.  We have to take turns…. It’s got like 7 different types of massages and the chair can recline up to 180 degrees.  Facing the wall mounted flat screen is pretty awesome. 

It’s quite the treat we figure and so we might do this hotel getaway thinggy more often be it in HK or TPE in the future.  Having our time together and away from the hassle of work is the best gift to each other 🙂

Today we went up to The Peak via blue line bus 15 and it was nice.  We lucked out the weather was sunny/mostly clear and we got walk around the trail. Cold and windy but still good stuff.  Ate at the Simpatico Italian eatery and was high quality stuff, not as touristy as one might imagine given it’s The Peak.

We’ll probably forego the Christmas Eve dinner crunch at the hotels/restaurants for some room service with our OSIM massage chair and flat screen TV! 🙂

For a plug, I’d highly recommend HotelTravel.com for your HK booking.  Each time I’ve done it, the hotel gave me great rooms.

Hope you all get your wishes this holiday season!