Hungry Town

Some friends from law school are really into an alternate legal career – Vermont folk singers called Hungrytown. I saw them on Saturday in the city braving the hints of the overhyped Nor’easter. Their 1 hour set celebrated their new CD that they just released – they’re really good. Listen to them yourselves.

Made a pilgrimage to Katz’s – matzo ball soup and a salami sandwich. Awesome as usual, also pricey, but it is what it is.  The 2nd Ave. Deli returns!!! It’s now at 162 E. 33rd St between Lex and 3rd, and starting Monday will be open 24 hors. They are a bit pricey, but they give so much food that you can feed 6, so it’s value for money.

Check out some of the new things I’ve added on my that actually solve problems:

Foodbytes: ever had a craving for something, but didn’t know which restaurant carried the dish? This is the solution. You type in the name of the dish and your zip code, and this thing tells you which restaurants have it on their menu. Hot!

LibraryThing: I’ve got a gazillion books, but I don’t really have an inventory of what I got or where anything is. This thing let you type or scan the ISBN numbers, and it does the cataloging, and even assigns LC or Dewey numbers if you’re into that. Free for the first 200 books, $25 lifetime afterwards for unlimited books. Now if it only did CDs…

Google Reader: This thing makes reading a dozen blogs of various frequencies possible – it aggregates them into one screen, and let’s you know when updates are made without having to check each one. It also lets you read blogs offline using their Google Gears caching technology.

Podnova: Takes care of checking the 20 or 30 podcasts that I listen to. Has a local client that takes care of the downloading to the computer. Sweet! Ever wanted a gift list, but you have eclectic tastes? Now you can aggregate them into one list that can let people shop on multiple sites. Occasional contributor AS from school is working for this company now.