Mid-Week Uh?

Something to get us through the week – a long, hopefully fun post!

Last year, I watched the March of the Santas through Central Park. It wasn’t until later that I learned that this was Santacon, where lots and lots of people dress up in Santa suits or elves suits (plus, as I remembered it, one Hanukah Harry in blue) to drink, be merry, go carousing and stuff. From what I saw, yeah, okay, they might have been a bit tipsy and public urination’s not a nice thing to do in Central Park, but the masses of Santas were pretty much cool and merry (not harming kids or dogs or whatnot).

This YouTube video of Santacon 2006 in NYC pretty much shows the (excess drinking but otherwise merry) Santacon.

Although, according to the blog posting on the NY Times’ City Room, Sewell Chan managed to find a source who admitted that Santacon’s not exactly – umm… for the saintly side of St. Nick. Naughty!

Postings on YouTube of Santacon NYC 2007 will probably be up already. Hmm…

A NYC thing indeed: the story behind those mosaics in the East Village.

Trying to decide what charity to donate? NY Times has the article to help make sense of it in the food section this week!

NY Times’ Peter Meehan with a nicely written review of a noodle place on East Broadway. I’m not a noodle person, but his nicely written descriptions made me hungry.

NY Times’ Mark “The Minimalist” Bittman does truffles. Mmm! The accompanying video makes it look so easy (he says you can’t screw it up; although, I imagine that getting crappy chocolate and using skim milk instead of cream would make one a sucky truffle-maker), and in the column, he discusses various variations on the truffle.

The story of Scrabulous, the Facebook addiction application (umm, yeah, that’d be me too – too fun!).

And, in sports… the Rangers and the Knicks are roommates at MSG, but who are the real New Yorkers? (and, anyway, the Rangers are currently doing pretty well, unlike the Knicks: Go Rangers!! Heck, they take the subway to get around town!).