Check out this search engine – a way to search and raise money for your favorite charities: GoodSearch. Seems interesting.

“Tin Man” on Sci Fi seems interesting. I’m a sucker for this kind of thing, obviously. And, the cast – Zooey Deschanel was amusing as Trillian on the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” movie (really, an underappreciated movie!) and Neal McDonough (the one who played the DA of LA in the former NBC show “Boomtown” and the regrettably departed Lt. Hawke of “Star Trek: First Contact” – the Star Trek: The Next Generation movie where they pulled off all the craziest stuff – drunk Counselor Troi; Data continuing the Pinocchio thing; and of course, a really pissed off Capt. Picard). Come on; how bad a mini-series can this be? They don’t even make mini-series like they used to do!

David Henry Hwang and his latest project, on a character that sounds an awful lot like himself. Interesting reading on being APA and Chinese-American specifically.

In Brooklyn… 4th Avenue’s getting a little less seedy, huh, with coffee shops instead of auto repairs? Talk about things changing.

How to preserve the afterlife in Bensonhurst – the difficulties at the Old New Utrecht Cemetery.

“Heroes” on Monday night… the end of “Volume 2” (maybe even Season 2, if the writers’ strike isn’t resolved) – leave me feeling “uh?” and “Nooo!” Scroll down or turn away if you don’t want spoilers……

If you’re going to have to kills heroes, did it have to involve the same person we all wondered was going to kick the bucket the last season? I’ll say no more than that!

Tweety Bird, Donald Duck and others have been subpoenaed to go to court. In Italy. As poor victims of counterfeiting by some Chinese guy (umm, was it that important for the AP to mention the defendant was Chinese?). Sigh.