In this Sunday’s NY Times:

In the NY Times’ Sunday Magazine, former US Poet Laureate Billy Collins reads his poem, “The Fish,” with accompanying seafood recipes (although I’m not sure that the recipes are from him).

The G subway line leaves so much to be desired, as this article on the upcoming subway lines report card notes.

A lengthy profile on Ang Lee, director, who lives in Larchmont, NY – and seems to enjoy it very much.

NY Times’ Motoko Rich on “A Good Mystery: Why We Read.”

Slate managing editor Jill Hunter Pellettieri suggests we move on from turkey leftovers. Are turkey leftovers that bad? But, it’s the American way! Well, okay, maybe it’s unnecessary, but so is the current hype on Black Friday – totally insane!

Slate’s found Michael Kinsley discusses how life experience is relevant to becoming, say, president.

Can I pull off my so-called novel before National Novel Writing Month ends? Will the writers’ strike continues? Stay tuned!

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