The passing of Lady Bird Johnson. The passing of an era, indeed.

The passing of editorial cartoonist Doug Marlette. Sad and sudden. I remembered reading his cartoons when he was in Newsday and when I was a Newsday reader. I never quite knew what to make of his comic strip “Kudzu,” but there were hilarious moments in examining Southern life (the Rev. Will B. Dunn and his Holy Rollers team; Kudzu and his friends’ foibles in PC speech or just trying figure each other out, including Kudzu’s perpetual unrequited love and his weird parakeet…). Check out Marlette’s work. Time Magazine’s Joe Klein had a lovely tribute in the latest issue, and he followed up on it in his Time tag-team blog, Swampland.

Yet Another Week in July

Friday the 13th – the bunch of us said goodbye after work to a departing colleague by going to Centrico in Tribeca. I had a variation of fried green tomato (tasty); wine (red Sauvignon Cabernet from Chile – some year that I don’t remember; only one glass, ’cause I’m cheap and I don’t drink all that much anyway); (plus I never said no to the guacamole and chips); and for dessert: mexican molten chocolate cake. The sangria kept coming for the crew. Thumbs up!

Sunday the 15th – at the Cobble Hill movie theater, saw Harry Potter movie number 5 – Order of the Phoenix. Thumbs up. The path toward greater darkness moves onward for young Potter. Pros: The actor who plays Harry is definitely getting better as an actor; and got to love seeing solid British actors stay employed. The director did a good job cutting much of the unnecessary parts of the book and made a strong complimentary movie counterpart. Con: do not sit behind tall people in a movie theater. You’d think I’d figure that out by now!

An article on ice cream in the city.

Hmm. Been watching these Food Network shows. Man, do I need to do more walking; just watching food be made and described make me feel fat.