Hold Up/Worn Down

Recap of the extended weekend:
Saturday – dental cleaning followed by a visit to the storied pizzeria that is Di Fara in Midwood. P, her brother and I were waiting in the Duncan Donuts down the block because it was really cold, but there were 5 true believers waiting outside the door. It opened 20 minutes late, at 10 to 12, but it didn’t matter – it’s definately slow food – there’s no way you get out of Di Fara’s in under 45 minutes. After a false start with everyone’s glasses fogged up, we managed to order a special pie, and 2 square slices. The squares were magnificant – light yet voluminous, a tangy sauce fortified with cheese and prosciutto (I am told), topped with fresh basil cut directly above the slices, then drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. Bold and delicate at the same time, it was an amazing treat.

Then the special pie came out after 40 minutes. The crust is micro thin (less than 2 mm thick) yet still durable enough to support the cornucopia of cow’s milk mozzarella, buffalo milk mozzarella, sausage, peppers, more basil, and grated cheese. Not quite foldable, but still delectable. Recommended if you have a spare afternoon.

Tonight I’m coming down with a cold. I’m going to try to brave it out.