In a world record for me, I’ve actually satisfied the first half of my new year’s resolution in only 12 days by joining up with the YMCA with P- today. The local YMCA facility is brand new. The second half is to start swim classes.

In other purchases, bought a fine mesh conical strainer. It will come in handy the next time I’m making a gravy from roast beef. Bailed on buying an OXO water kettle. Tasty treats from Sahadi’s and the store next door, Damascus Bakery. They have really good, not too sweet Halvah, a sesame desert made from a secret receipe.

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  1. Congratulations! The key is discipline to go regularly. B- and I have but due to work schedule, I’m totally unable to go :(.

    So far, controlling diet has helped me but without exercise, it’s for naught.

    The other day I went to a massage place and man, it was awesome… really professional, clean, and effective massage was had. Will likely go back as a regular. Given the current work stresses and schedule compression, I need these little things to help me get through.

  2. Good for you! If this winter continues to be strangely warm, I may try to stick with my walking thing (wherein I try to walk half an hour on a weekend afternoon; one day a week is better than nothing at all, I argue!).  But, my will is weak, even if my intention is strong…!

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