Carol of the Bells

Haven’t gotten into the Christmas mood yet. It’s hard when the temps have been averaging in the 50’s, the news has been generally depressing, and its been real busy at work. At least the shopping is done – P and I have been giving our Amazon Prime membership a workout, and little brown boxes with the arrow smile have been trickling in over the past week.

Of all of the holiday songs, the Carol of the Bells is my favorite. It’s relatively short, high energy, and one of the few that are in a minor key.

Saks Fifth Avenue
If you’re in New York, you have to check out this display, which is opposite the tree at Rockefeller Plaza.

Joseph Dang & Texas A&M Percussion
Starts out as a piano recital, and then just goes crazy from there.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra
The original rock orchestra version – in video form.