Much about nothing

Saturday turned out to be a lazy day; we didn’t get up until noon, and the baby was under the weather (too much partying at the luau last night) so we hung out, washed the SUV, read a gazillion books to the baby (at least he’s loving reading) and checked out the train station (and figured out that it wasn’t worth taking the train). I was just fine with it – it was a day to decompress; I think there was some disappointment about not going to Legoland today.

Dinner was at the Beach House. P had the halibut, I had the surf and turf. Not bad.

We’ll try to be more adventurous tomorrow.

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  1. Instead of vegging out in Brooklyn, we are vegging out Cali style. This is typical cali life with a baby. Up to the last hour the baby savored his last book for today. Tune in tomorrow for more misadventures with the baby. Today was not a day for diappointments, at least I reached level 5 in pacman.

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