So, last night, a bunch of us went to dine at Kombit, a Haitian cuisine restaurant in Park Slope. It’s not Brooklyn Restaurant week anymore, but the list has apparently inspired us. Good food. Came home very full.

I’m in the middle of watching “Enterprise” (well, actually watching pieces of “Enterprise” while channel-changing during commercials for Nascar, since my brother wanted to watch it). The writers are making us spend two episodes in the Mirror Universe – the Evil Alternate Dimension that Original Trek and Deep Space Nine visited. Evil Capt. Archer is feeling no less sillier than Real Archer. An appearance by Admiral Forrest, who’s actually Capt. Forrest in the Mirror Universe – cool. I like Forrest. He has a presence, even his Mirror Universe version. Kind of makes me wonder what would have happened had “Enterprise” been a series that had Capt. Forrest from the very beginning. There’s something to be said about having a not-that-famous-actor taking a lead role (I will always love actor Scott Bakula for being time traveller Sam of “Quantum Leap,” but he hasn’t clicked for me as Archer). I’ll probably watch the episode with better concentration tomorrow.

Pea Soup

Passing Worchester on the Mass Pike rght now. The dreaded downpour didn’t materialize, but the fog is really thick. It’s not really stopping the Fong Wah bus driver from pushing 65.

Oh, and happy birthday to AS. Tried sending a note to him but something’s wrong with sending email to him.