Free verse

Turkey day 2004 has started out as a glorious explosion of color, with its bright, clear sunlight shining through the turning leaves like stained glass. The Q train tunnels through the valley of trees, with the chance sighting of a Chinese grandmother hanging clothes in a country backyard.


My registration for this website was up at the end of the month, so apparently cashed strapped has been harassing me to send in the renewal fee. After about 3 emails, 3 postcards, and 3 phone calls later, I get them down 15% from their posted rates. Maybe it was a good thing to not have an expired credit card on the account.

Turkey day is upon us; much angst is ready to as I am going to put together the ham and the sides. And maybe if the planets are aligned just right and no major flare-ups happen, my parents will get to meet P-‘s parents. Well, maybe. This is the one that’s going to do me in — I’m bringing my own apron.

In the behind-the-scens dept.: Ever notice the wacky Google logos on the front page during holidays? There’s one Korean-American designer that is solely in charge of making them. The Times writes about the woman that voices Amtrak Julie, the computerized reservation system, and also mentions the Yahoo by Phone system. I prefer computer voices that sound human, not mechanically tinny.

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This is Not a Gun

Hmong hunter Chai Soua Vang is being held on bail for killing six and wounding two hunters in Wisconsin. (New York Times). He says that it was self-defense; I think that killing so many people is senseless. On the other hand, the story is that the eight hunters had only one gun among them. That doesn’t make sense either. You would think that each member of a hunting party would have at least one gun apiece. I think that there may have been friendly fire. In any case, this would make an interesting CSI episode.