I’ve been negligent in contributing this week; it’s been busy. My uncle from Toronto showed up unexpectedly. I judged a moot court (law student) competition in Newark; they were short of judges, so I ended up judging three rounds, which was mentally exhausting. I’m going to Boston in the morning to watch the movie Robot Stories.

The New York Times has a story on how a paralegal was ordered to produce a three page memo on sushi restaurant options because that day’s sushi delivery was so poor. See also, Gawker. Sometime soon I will compose here my epic on pizza.

Dilbert Mystery Artist Week

Head to (or check your comics pages in the newspaper first and then go to the Dilbert website) – it’s Dilbert Mystery Artist Week, where a guest mystery comics artist fills in for Dilbert’s regular guy, Scott Adams. Hilarious stuff so far. (of course, today’s strip is particularly funny if you’re already familiar with the mystery artist and his usual comic strip, a funny odd one).